Waiting for electricians to finish their work is super boring. Rather than just sitting around watching them try to troubleshoot a wiring problem, why don’t you find a productive task that will kill some time?

There are a ton of things that you can do, but what follows are three of the most productive options.

Clean A Room

Be honest with yourself, your house could be a LOT cleaner than it currently is. If your electrician is going to be around for a few hours, then find a room or two that you can work on cleaning. The kitchen and the bathroom are usually the most likely subjects, and you can kill a ton of time by working on cleaning these rooms. Give it a shot.

Read A Book

All of us have reading lists that we’re trying to get through. Rather than continuing to put off finishing that book, why don’t you take an hour or two and make a dent in your list?

A good book is a great way to relax while dealing with something as tedious and boring as an electrician. So why not get lost in the world of Harry Potter or something similar? Those books always deserve another read.

Go For A Run

If you’re alone in the house, then this isn’t really a viable option. But if there is someone else that can watch the house while the electrician is around, then why not go out and make your body a little better? Take a nice long run, and get in shape!

There are plenty of other activities that you can use to kill time while the electrician works, but these three are the best use of your time in this author’s opinions.