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Having any electrical issues in your home? Then consider the services of DQ-Electrical. Do-It-Yourself electrician manuals can be very tempting when looking for ways to save a few dollars by carrying out electrical projects on your own, or with the help of a local handyman.

But unless you are swapping a light bulb, or simply plugging in a surge protector to protect your valuable electronics, opting for a well trained, highly skilled and licensed professional electrician such as the ones at DQ-Electrical is in your best interest. Get to know our emergency electrician services.

Experience the Difference with DQ-Electrical


Our Electricians are highly skilled, trained, licensed and certified. Hiring licensed electricians ensures your family and property is fully protected from from the possible dangers that might be as a result of shoddy electrical work due to inexperience and age related complications. Licensed and certified electrical professionals are the only people mandated with the authority to inspect any kind of wiring and rectify any faulty installations.


Our licensed and legitimate electrical professionals are required to provide permits for all works they have carried out, and their work is always subject to inspection. Do not take it as an unnecessary obstacle, because all these is exclusively done for your protection.

Guaranteed Results

Our Licensed electrical professionals are always dedicated to deliver quality workmanship, and will always perform as required the first time.

At DQ Electrical, our licensed residential electricians will provide:

  • Comprehensive solutions for all your residential electrical requirements
  • Solutions for any kind of electrical task, no matter how complex the work may seem.
  • All the necessary information and resources you need so that you can make the best decision for any kind of electrical issue that is affecting your home.

The residential electricians at DQ Electrical have what it takes to handle all your home electrical issues. Contact us today for all your electric needs.

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